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Enlighten yourself by listening to the Best Jazz Musicians in Dubai  live stimulating music of the Antal-Hansen Jazz Duo. Whether it be the double bass/guitar duo or cello/guitar duo, prepare for your imagination to be stirred with a smoothed out mixture of Pop, Swing, and Gypsy Jazz from the 50s and 60s. Peter Antal from Hungary and Soren Hansen from Denmark are currently performing live music and recording in Dubai. Both starting their music careers in Europe, their talent eventually brought them together to perform throughout Dubai in their original melodic style. Today Peter performs in 5 star restaurants as an intimate solo artist as well as in Jazz duos and trios. He plays for massive corporate events including Formula 1, and Dubai Cup. Peter has performed in stunning venues such as Burj Khalifa, Madinat Theatre and Emirates Palace Hotel. And he recently been assembling Jazz assortments and various compilations such as the Antal-Hansen duo and Tribop Jazz trio. Soren started his career by jumping in his camper van, touring around Europe, performing in various venues. Since he has been studying, teaching, and performing as a musician for the past 36 years. He has recently moved to Dubai from Greece where he performed Jazz Duos, trios and 4tets in high-end music shows in luxury hotels and resorts. As they are influenced by some of the Swing’s finest players such as Bill Evans and Chet Baker. Their improvisations draw from the traditions of jazz and other genres, especially carrying on the tradition of Keith Jarrett as a modern influence.





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