Natalia – POP & Jazz Singer in Dubai


POP & Jazz Singer in Dubai

POP & Jazz Singer in Dubai

Natalia also well known with her stage name “Mizanna” is a leading professional POP & Jazz Singer in Dubai in different genre such as POP/Jazz or Gospel songs. She enjoys singing to the top of the stratosphere, Natalia has started her musical career as lead vocal at the age of 15, performing live with Gospel bands. Later, when she was 18, moved to USA to continue her music studies and recorded 2 singles “Tonight” and “Broken” in cooperation with BRIKSA production. Performs live as lead singer with Jazz Big Band based in California. Later, moved to Ukraine, Kiev, where graduated as a Jazz Singer from Jazz conservatory and immediately accomplishes a music tour of 25 concerts on a big stage. Natalia has been experiencing performing on the big stage with both solo concerts and as a back vocalist. Starting from the end of 2012, Mizanna has moved to Dubai and started working on her new singles, while live performing as a lead vocal with Jazz Bands at big media events. Early 2015, she is going back to the United States for two weeks to release her next single. As an experience of Show Business, Mizanna has performed as a lead vocal in a Cover Band “Oranjazz” in Ukraine and also as a back vocalist in different musical competitions with Jazz and Pop Big Bands, such as Euro Vision(2010). Participating in big concerts organized by Kiev International Jazz Academy as a solo and back vocalist with USA based Jazz celebrities, Mizanna has received applauses staying at the same stage with Cynthia Scott and Tecora Rodgers. Being very active in the music field of Dubai and up to date with current trends, Mizanna is always known for readiness to perform and ability to indulge her listeners with her charming voice.



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