Lida – Pop Jazz Singer in Dubai


Lida - Pop Jazz Singer in Dubai

Lida is a professional singer for more than 10 years and music has been her purpose in life Originally from Greece, Lida started classic piano at the age of four and singing has been her passion ever since. She took her first professional steps in music at the age of 16 when she released her first song in house music. Since then she has released more than 10 singles and videoclips in different music genres as she loves experimenting and challenging herself and her vocal skills. Her versatility allows her to flawlessly switch from pop and rock to blues and soul. Lida has a wide and impressive background appearing in music videos, TV shows, radio as well as an incredible range of live performances from VIP events to headline concerts. She collaborated with very famous greek artists and TV personalities. In 2016, music moved her to Dubai and she decided to pursue her dream for an international career. Immediately she was noticed by several agencies and she has performed to the most high end events and prestige restaurants from Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa to big corporate events. Lida is planning to release her new original music in 2018, as well as show a deeper and more personal side of her music and her writing style. Her music style was shaped through her journey in life and specific moments that define her till now and she feels more ready than ever to show her true self through her music…so stay tuned!




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