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One of the Best Singer in Dubai

One of the best singer in Dubai Flory a high-powered performer who personifies talent extraordinaire. Fearless on stage, she a charismatic entertainer and strong leader at the front of many ensembles. When she sing, Flory captivate any crowd and engage the audience, engulfing them in her passion. On stage, she will always go for the extremes: husky and teasing, soft and mellow, strong and dominant are just a few of her many ways of expressing passion. Flory tackle any style with straightforward confidence, from jazz to rock, blues, soul and modern pop/dance music. In what appears as effortless, she belt out the powerful sounds of my idol, Pink, as well as other vocal greats’ selections, such as those of Bonnie Tyler, Tina Turner, Alannah Miles, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf. In addition to her love of jazz & rock music, Flory easily round out her repertoire with easy-listening, pop and show tunes. Flory can do it all and make it look easy! A Romanian native, she flexible in both her singing range and aptitude for languages. Flory have the ability to entertain in six languages, including English, French, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and…obviously, Romanian. Flory career experience in Dubai’s scenes has given her a sophisticated poise tempered with sensitivity and grace. Flory natural flowing charm, talents, charisma, and flawless stage presence draw the audience into my performance.



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