Cassiano / Ziryab – Guitarist


Best Guitarist in Dubai

Ziryab – the leading Guitarist in Dubai

Cassiano Guitarist, when he lived in Rio De Janeiro years with famous artists in Brazil and touring, he worked as Guitarist with four bands and on productions at the SK2 Studio. At the infamous Rio Carnival in February 2007, he realised that he was not fully content with his life. His friend invited him to visit Dubai, U.A.E. and there, in just two months, he found faith and spirituality in Islam. The same year, he came back to Brazil and came upon the story about Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). He prayed that he would meet Yusuf Islam. Six months later, he came back to Dubai to work with an entertainment company. In less than a month, he met Yusuf Islam. Following his meeting, he worked with Jamal Records as the in house composer and producer from May 2008 to March 2009. He is also an artist at the Beloved Musika division of Jamal Records. Currently he is working on his debut album called “The Return of Ziryab”, In Dubai, he has recorded guitar on a George Harisson cover with Yusuf Islam, which is dedicated to the victims of the Gaza crisis. Ziryab now is the leading Guitarist in Dubai.


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