Abdullah Al Qassab – Bilingual Emirati MC, public speaker, mentor, TV presenter, stand-up comedian

Arabic / MC


Abdullah Al Qassab is an Emirati entrepreneur

Abdullah Al Qassab is an Bilingual Emirati entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor, TV presenter, stand-up comedian, actor, event MC, social activist, and media producer who is driven and inspired by his desire to develop, guide and nurture his fellow Emirati compatriots. Born in Sharjah in 1985, Abdullah Al Qassab completed his Bachelor in Electric Engineering and Robotics at Khalifa University for Science, Technology and Research in Sharjah in 2011. Abdullah Al Qassab is a stand-up comedian who got trained by Dubomedy arts in Dubai and started his own group of comedians “loco Locals group”. He also had worked with comedy Central studios Arabia. Abdulla Al Qassab is a Leadership and Management training expert, having trained just under 1000 Emirati’s under the Tawteen Leadership program. Abdulla was elected as a mentor by the Abu Dhabi Educational Council to mentor 50 distinguished honors students through a program to New Zealand for 6 weeks. . He also represented the UAE youth during a visit of former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Abdullah is also known for his plethora of works in the public speaking sphere, where he used to host a talk show for Sharjah TV. In the last 2 years, he has given speeches in 3 languages to over 5000 people, not including the 100+ lectures for groups within the UAE from Kinder-Garden Students to Dubai Courts judges. He now works as a Media Reporter for Abu Dhabi TV in a morning show “Sabah AL Dar” Abdullah is always keen on developing the UAE youth, Abdullah is a repeat volunteer with Injaz UAE, especially in their entrepreneurship and work readiness streams, where he mentors university students to pass on skills they will need in their later professional lives. Abdullah has recently been the MC for Injaz UAE “Best Company” Awards Ceremony. Abdulla Mentor’s at many Academic initiatives, his most recent including a Mentor-ship at Injaz UAE, training Emirate students on business leadership/operation and a Mentor-ship position at Start-Up Weekend in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. On GCC level he works as a mentor with a self-help book author Dr. Saad Al Kribani whose book reached its 14th print till 2012. In the true spirit of the late Sheikh Zayed, the father of the UAE, may Allah rest His soul, Abdullah is passionate about social engagement to improve the lives of the people around him. His hands-on approach to this starts with his immediate surroundings where he supports friends and family as needed and beyond the call of duty, to hands-on proactive charitable work. This work ranges from direct regular financial donations, charity administrative and PR support, fundraising through comedy events, and social media awareness campaigns to proactive and hands-on direct support of Syrian refugees in Jordan through Breathing Numbers, a Palestinian child and his mother who came to the UAE with the PCRF for medical treatment, and many other causes. Charity work is labour of love and a core pillar of Abdullah’s life. As Abdullah personality never had enough for his different social activities so he also did a voice clips with Dubai Eye talking about social media is the new way of connecting with family and friends this Ramadan 2015. In addition he did a culture talks to Pepsi Cola Company & General Motors’.


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